Automation for Safety

A unique, impeccable and state-of-the-art control system

A4S aims at meeting increasingly demanding safety and control needs in industrial and civil work sites to create a customisable system that can detect and prevent hazardous situations. The A4S suite for monitoring Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in the workplace is based on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology and checks the correct application of the safety policy in compliance with the regulations in force, thanks to a UHF electronic gate to be installed near the access points of the work areas.


•    High-quality labelling of objects to be monitored with low-cost TAGS
•    Simultaneous and fast access of the personnel without additional barriers in the monitored areas
•    Vertical solutions, thanks to the high portability and scalability of the A4S platform, which can be customised based on the client’s requirements and integrated in real time with the existing IT systems; 
•    A4S is an open platform, thanks to its high scalability, and can be integrated into any hardware system, such as a video surveillance or remote control system. What you need is an internet connection to avoid providing the work site with special hardware and software. 
•    Integration of work and access permits, an innovative function to automatically manage personnel flows in plants and work sites, thus eliminating paper documents and reducing management times, while increasing efficiency. 

The A4S suite consists of basic modules that can be configured based on your requirements:


An electronic gate to be installed near the access points of the work areas allows you to check whether one or more workers, who cross the gate simultaneously, wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in compliance with the regulations in force. This is possible thanks to the application of RFID labels to the PPE.


This system can check the presence of personnel in specific areas. In case of emergency, it allows for quick rescue operations and it can even save lives.


This system checks and controls the access of authorised vehicles in the plant or work site. Special anti-theft tags applied to vehicles allow you to monitor and restrict access to authorised vehicles.


To monitor the average speed of the vehicles used inside areas subject to restrictions. This system detects the passage of a vehicle in a specific point and acquires information about the average speed.