Chronological Automation Service Events

This software displays and creates event logs. Unlike traditional SCADA systems conceived to display graphics that integrate the event log function in a standard manner.

CREVAS consists of four suites:


This is the main suite of CREVAS technology.

Through serial interfaces (RS-232 / RS-485) and Ethernet it is possible to configure Drivers for communication with Event Generators (PLC, DCS, PC, etc.), even in multi-drop configuration, and historicizing them on a database in localhost. Each communication protocol has its own dedicated software structure to allow greater efficiency during the acquisition phases, thanks to Multi-Threading technology, and a greater degree of enterity of information available to the user.


It is also possible to:
  • modify the configurations of the present drivers or create new ones “On-Line”, without risk of data loss;
  • monitor the status of the various active communications thanks to a detailed diagnostic;
  • activate restrictions of use based on the user logged in;
  • create "ad hoc" Drivers to interface CREVAS to new systems or for specific needs.


Associated with CREVAS RDB, it allows you to:

  • view On-Line Events acquired by each driver configured in various windows or in one window
  • view Off-Line events with Advanced filter functions
  • export data in various formats
  • customise the graphic user interface


If a site has more than one CREVAS installed, this suite allows the centralisation of the archived data, thus ensuring:

  • prevention against data loss
  • remote access for viewing


Remote client that, in Read-Only mode, allows the:

  • the display of Off-Line events with Advanced filter functions
  • dedicated functions for data analyses
  • export data in various formats